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Helping You Smell Good

Our Story

This love story begins in the year 2020, a year most people thought could not bring anything good out of it. It was however the beginning of a new era to us. A new era where quality fragrances would be available to all, Top international fragrances imported from the finest factories in Grasse, France, Dubai, and all over the world.

It Started With a Dream

Our humble beginnings began with a dream of from thinking, researching, playing around with ideas and making teaser fragrances from luxury boutique-style from home. We love smelling good, everybody does! We thus worked on a trustworthy process to make everyone smell good, from reverse engineered fragrances, generic fragrances packaged top quality bottles, without the international marketing & advertising costs.

We Boast In Our Quality

Our quality probably brought you to us and out quality will surely make you come back. We believe that every bottle you get from us is gift-worthy, hence our packaging will forever give you the experience of royalty.

Why Our Fragrance

Ever since the first we used fragrance, there has always been a new supplier. In the last 10 years of dreaming, thinking and researching, the industry has had many new players and many have left too. In our research we have found out why we were happy with some suppliers and not with others. This is where the dream gained fuel, and eventually was birthed as we would like to give others the experience we desired. We have now joined pioneers who forged the way for the generic market in South Africa – educating the public about the generic industry long before the pharmaceutical companies began to provide affordable alternatives. We pride ourselves on providing fantastic service, a unique online store experience and access to the largest range of fragrances in South Africa, with hand, body lotions, and beard oils soon to be introduces.

Where we're headed

To become one of the top distributors of luxury top-quality generic fragrances

Our formula allows us to skip the queues and take the top 10 fragrance distributors. We will keep reporting on our progress to the front of the line as currently, all our customers return for new scents with friends and family.

To create more and more employment to households with little to no income

2020 has caused a lot irrecoverable damages. As a response, we are making people adopt the philosophy of saving. Saving in the sense that you can smell good at a good price, and preserving lives through job creation.

Our Fragrances

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This is who we were...
We started evolving...
We have evolved!