Maison Niche Essentiel (MNE) basically means The Home of Niche Essentials written in French. We are a home that houses all things Niche. Why French you might ask? We will answer that shortly.

In this first instalment, we are focusing on bringing you the nicest, the cleanest, the most loved Niche Fragrances. Our beginning started as an infant name L’amour se vanTe (LT). LT is the reason MNE was birthed.

MNE is here to bring bigger and better offerings, including but not limited to fragrances. At this moment, before we reveal everything, we would like for you as our customers to enjoy our fragrances with undivided attention.

We built LT using suppliers locally (South Africa), and internationally mainly France. Now you know why the French name. So do we get our supplies from France only? No, there are plenty more countries we source our oils from which we will not disclose here because for months, people have cunningly tried to steal our business model.

Back to important things. We have since almost exclusively started using suppliers from abroad because of quality. And as a result, we have amassed returning clients for ourselves. We offer only the best of the best. Any Niche Fragrance you can think of, we either have it or can make it for you. Just contact us and we will get you what you have always wanted, at a fraction of the price.

Our fragrances are mostly inspired by known brands. And just because we mention who the fragrance is inspired by, we do not in any way claim affiliation with them as that would be gross misrepresentation and may render us liable to copyright and trademark issues.

We are here to make you smell nice. We are here to bring you luxury. We are here to offer you Niche Fragrances at an affordable price.

Thank you for visiting our site.